2020 Toilet Roll Christmas Decoration


A comical take on the toilet roll shortage of 2020.


A beautiful Oak disc bauble, engraved to your liking with the 2020 take using toilet rolls as the 0's, painted in your choice of coloured glitter.


The 2's in the 2020 can be in red glitter, gold glitter, silver glitter or black glitter.


If the engraved wording option is chosen the maximum words that can fit are as follows:


Bottom only (Maximum 8 words)

Top (Maximum 3)

Combined (Maximum 11 in total for top and bottom combined)



Add this bauble to your tree to remind you of the time the country became out of stock of toilet roll from panic buying!


Add wording of your choice below the 2020 or above and below, or keep it simple with no wording


Feel free to message me if you have any questions

2020 Toilet Roll Christmas Decoration - The Year Of Lockdown - Loo Roll Decor