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Family tree Plaque - Personalised Family Tree - Wooden Family Tree - Circle Personalised Tree Family - Personalised Heart Plaque - Hexagon


Beautiful 2 tone wooden family tree plaques can come in various styles and sizes. The dark wood forms the tree shape to which the contrasting light oak hearts are attached, to compliment the light oak backing of the same colour.


Hearts are added to the tree with all your families names on and you can also add a paw for a pet.


Please add the names you require on the hearts in the order you want them on the plaque. If there are multiple generations use ';' to separate e.g.


Granny, Grandad; Mum, Dad; Sister (1st born), Brother(2nd born), Sister(3rd born), Sister(4th born); Granddaughter(1st born), Granddaughter(2nd born), Grandson(3rd born), Granddaughter(4th born), Grandson(5th born).


***Please note: I've used titles here instead of real names, just to give you an idea of the order I need them in. Please don't add these to your order, only add the name you require engraving. You can add ages or 1st/2nd/3rd born etc if you like but this is not necessary if you've added them in that order.


I will then use this information to space out the names, to how I feel fits best on the plaque and also in some variation of age and generation order. I will send over a proof of where the placement will be, then once confirmed I will make it for you.


If you don't require a proof (eg. your names are pretty straight forward or you need it quickly) please state this in the order, as this will speed your order up.


The 20cm and 25cm sizes can come with a stand (please select that option) but they can also be attached to a wall using command strips or similar. The 30cm size does not come with a stand and can be leant on a shelf (for the flat bottomed shapes) or attached to the wall.


If you require any customisation, please enquire.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask

Personalised Family Tree - Wooden Family Tree - Circle - Heart - Hexagon -Square

PriceFrom £27.00
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